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Thank you to everyone who has supported the NO-Sewer for Littleton campaign.  Our work together has made a difference!  Each supporteronce again, helped to sustain our Littleton as a special place to live and raise our families. On September 16, 2013, the Littleton Board of Selectmen voted not to place the spending article on the November 4, 2013 Special Town Meeting Warrant.  A new iteration of this article will likely come up in 2015.


The Littleton Selectmen have initiated a study to build a public sewer system.  The sewer lines would be confined to an area extending from Acton Toyota up to Beaver Brook Road. This would not include the Long Lake or the Matawanakee areas. Additionally, a sewage treatment plant and anaerobic digester would be located somewhere in Littleton on a site yet to be determined.  Would you want it next to your home or business?

  • Littleton taxpayers will be asked to pay $558,000 for a design study of the system. This is in addition to significant time and money already expended. 
  • The capital cost to build this system, through full build out over many years, is estimated to be tens of millions of dollars.
  • The Town will borrow the money with the assumption that the bonds will be repaid by the approximately 98 property owners (both commercial and residential) required to connect to the sewer line.
  • The danger is that the small number of property owners will default because of the exorbitant costs to construct and maintain the system, leaving the Town, as issuer of the bonds, responsible for repayment.
  • Because the proponents of the system accept the possibility that property owners may not be able to bear the large costs, the system is designed to include an Anaerobic Digester. The Digester will subsidize costs by processing, for a profit, food waste and septage trucked in from cities and towns within a 50 mile radius around Littleton.
  • As it is unlikely that current property owners can carry the burden of the costs of betterments and fees, we can expect developers to buy up parcels to aggregate land on which larger buildings and businesses can be built, changing forever the character and village atmosphere of Littleton.
  • The proponents of the project believe public sewer will financially benefit the Town. This has yet to be proven.
The complexity of the system for our small town puts the Littleton taxpayers at great financial risk. If the technology fails and/or the property owners fail to meet their financial obligations, all Littleton taxpayers must assume the cost through higher taxation and rates.  Which is exactly what has happened in other towns including Tewksbury and Wayland.          

Whatever the outcome, any benefits from this project will be greatly offset by far-reaching changes to the character and environment of our small town.
Please take a few minutes and
The next page Risky Financial Scheme contains information about the risks for every Littleton taxpayer.   

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